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Water Rescue Drone TY-3R flying lifebuoy

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Product Appearance Design

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Salt spray corrosion resistance

High buoyancy

High protection level

High/Low temperature resistance

Anti-vibration shock

“TY-3R Air-Water Dual-Role Rescue Drone System”parameter

Product appearance composition 

performance parameters

Product flight performance parameters

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Lifebuoy shell 

(device size)

 935 x 935 x 121 mm

 ( + / - 10.5 mm ) 

takeoff weight

< 5 KG

The buoyancy on water 


Maximum buoyancy 190N

Host weight 

(including battery)

4.38 Kg 

maximum flight time

> 10 min

Device protection class

IP68 water depth 1.5 meters for 1 hour

Remote control weight 

(including accessories) 

0.55 Kg

maximum flight speed

> 13 m/s 

Applicable temperature

-10˚C ~ 55˚C 

Host size

wheelbase 860 mm 

maximum flight altitude

 4200 m 

Applicable altitude

0 – 4200 m

Power unit 

(maximum pulling force)

3.0 KG

maximum dive angle


Remote control battery

With real-time

 display function

Lithium-ion battery 


22.2 V / 7 Ah

maximum ascent speed

> 9 m/s 

remote control display

With the real-time function of viewing the airborne network


Paddle diameter 12inch

Pitch 4.5 inches

maximum descent speed 

> 4 m/s 

flight equipment

With one-key takeoff and 

one-key return function

single axis camera

 Single axis movement range 

+90˚ to -90˚

Resolution 720P 

Hover accuracy

 < 1.6m (GPS Normal)

Wind resistance rating of 

flight equipment

Can withstand up to 6 winds and 2 sea conditions

flight remote

Communication distance 10KM

(water surface)

10KM (altitude 100M in the air)

 5 inch display

Remote control 

communication distance

 > 1100 m

Return-to-home function of flight equipment

With remote control 

signal loss autonomous 

return function

Compared with traditional rescue

TY-3R rescue mode

It further solves the embarrassing situation that it is inconvenient to use large rescue equipment in some complex areas

It has played a role in promoting and improving the traditional rescue mode in emergency rescue operations

It greatly reduces the risk and loss of the rescuers themselves during human rescue

It Solves problem with slow responding speed when rescuing drowning person in water with conventional method


TY-3R Air-Water Dual-Role Rescue Drone System rescue advantages

Traditional rescue mode

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Comprehensive after-sales

Technical Support


Other Emergency Rescue

Marine Police
Maritime Police
Tourism Management
Coast Defence
Fire emergency
Public Security
Roof Evacuation
Rescue of Tourist Attractions

Coast Rescue

Rivers and Lakes Rescue

Flood Rescue

Sea & Ocean Rescue
Fast Response on Site

Stuck on Tree or Height

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